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Lesvos Island - Why adding Lesvos? Benefits

  • Attract a larger customer base, due to the established popularity of the island of Lesvos as a tourism destination.

  • Gain attractive business returns due to the competitive resort rates, thus increasing your profit margin per package sold, and company profitability.

  • Enlarge your product range, therefore increasing your company’s competitiveness by including one of the most popular Greek destinations in your program.

  • Achieve high customer satisfaction levels, which will result in increased loyalty to your company and guaranteed positive feedback.



With over 300 days of sunshine per year and with a mild climate during the winter and a warm summer, Lesvos (Lesbos) offers the perfect weather for holidays.



Lesvos is blessed by Nature with a unique variety of landscapes and colors.

The many traditional, cultural and scenic features of Lesvos, including the unique Petrified Forest, characterized by one of the 22 targets EDEN (European Destinations of Excellence), an award that aims to promote sustainable tourism in protected areas, make the island the perfect choice not only for nature lovers, but also for those who would like to simply relax, walking through trickling streams, and small pine forests enjoying the wealth and essence of flora & fauna in a safe and peaceful environment.

Having always been a magnet for visitors, Lesvos is considered all over Europe an island that combines a real holiday paradise with a rich historical interest.​​



The island of Lesvos avails numerous beaches: From cosmopolitan sandy beaches, to well hidden magnificent bays.

You can find in Lesvos beaches with sand, pebble, organized or not, crowded or not, but all with a common thing, the crystal clear waters.  

The following Beaches in Lesvos are awarded with the Blue Flag, based on compliance with 32 criteria covering the following:

1) Environmental Education and Information
2) Water Quality
3) Environmental Management
4) Safety and Services

  • Eftalou /Ag. Anargyroi

  • Kagia

  • Kanoni Thermis

  • Molyvos

  • Nyfida

  • Skala Eresou

  • Tsamakia



There are many options about the sightseeing you can see. The Castle of Mytilene, of Mythimna and of Sigri. Monuments of antiquity such as the Ancient Theater of Mytilene, the Roman Aqueduct of Moria, the Petrified Forest of Sigri, the Temple of Klopedi, the Temple of Messa, the Paleo-Christian Church of Chalinados, the bridge of Kremasti and the Mansion of Vareltzidena in Petra.

Lesvos has also many museums of special interest to visit:the Archaeological Museum of Mytilene, the Museum of Theophilos and the Museum-Library of Teriade in Varia, the Petrified Forest Natural History in Sigri, the Industrial Olive Museum in Agia Paraskevi, the Ouzo Museum "Varvagiannis" in Plomari, the Olive press - Museum "Archipelagos" in Gera, the Museum - Collection of Natural History in Vrissa Polichnitos, the Digital Museum "George Iakovidis" in Chydira and the School of Fine Arts in Molyvos.

Several Churches and monasteries are waiting for you to visit them: the Cathedral Church of St. Athanasius and the Church of St. Therapon in Mytilene, the Monastery of Saint Raphael in Thermi, the Monastery of Archangel Michael in Madamados, the church of Panagia Gorgona in Skala Sykaminia, the church of Virgin Mary in Petra and the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Agiasos.

Hot Springs of the island are the Hot Springs in Gera Bay, in Thermi, in Eftalou and Polichnitos.

Finally in the natural beauties of Lesvos, include the following wetlands: the wetlands in Kalloni Gulf, in Vatera - Polichnitos, in Depi - Larsos in Gera and the one in Eresos-western Lesvos.

Life around
Life around
Life around

Life around

Traditional Life
All of the villages and small towns on the island, despite the development of tourism, retain their traditional character. The Lesvians know how to enjoy life, with simplicity and a unique zest-for-life, whilst still keeping alive their age-old traditions. Sincere and hospitable, warm-hearted and faithful to their traditions but always ready for anything new, the Lesvians love their island and make others love it too!

Dining Out
A gastronome’s paradise, awaits Lesvos’ visitors! The Local Cuisine is renown for using a combination of fresh local products and ingredients, pure olive oil, fresh vegetables, traditional recipes and imagination. Lesvos (Lesbos) offers a wide variety of restaurants to satisfy every taste: From traditional village taverns next to the seaside, to sophisticated restaurants, offering authentic and International specialties.

To discover Lesvos (Lesbos) truly international setting, one must become familiar with the island’s cosmopolitan nightlife. During the hours of darkness, Lesvos Island brightly shines with international sparkle offering entertainment to suit all tastes and desires catering for every age group. From alfresco relaxing bars, lively nightclubs and discos with international music to café bars and even typical Greek hot spots with live bouzouki music.

The island of Lesvos (Lesbos) offers a large selection of sporting activities, appealing not only to sports enthusiasts, but those who would like to keep fit during holidays, or those who simply like to test their skills and stamina in a new sport...​​

Target Markets

Target Markets

Lesvos!!! A popular destination appealing equally to all target markets...  

The island of Lesvos is ideal for small, medium or large Groups, Honeymooners, Couples, Singles, Families and Retirees.

An indicative list of Hotels currently available on the island:

Target Markets
  • Boutique Hotels

  • Couples Hotels

  • Women only

  • Beach Hotels

  • Romantic Hotels

  • Conference Hotels

  • Family Hotels

  • Studios

  • Apartments

An indicative list of Activities currently available on the island:

  • Bird watching

  • Yoga

  • Hiking/Walking Tours

  • Scuba Diving

  • Cycling

  • Fishing

  • 5 x 5 Mini Soccer

  • Dance courses

  • Horse Riding

  • Jet Ski

  • Jogging

  • Kite surfing

  • Yachting

  • Sailing

  • Canoing

  • Extreme sports

  • Paragliding

  • Swimming

  • Tennis

  • Table Tennis

  • Water Ski

  • Water Slides

  • Windsurfing

  • Fitness Gyms

An indicative list of Cultural Activities currently available on the island:

  • Archaeological sites

  • Museums

  • Religious sites

  • Monasteries and churches

  • attending local festivals

...with competitive tourism products incorporating a varied combination resulting in the perfect holiday destination!

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